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Port Ludlow Government

Port Ludlow is an unincorporated area of Jefferson County in the State of Washington.

Port Ludlow's representatives to the U.S. Legislature are:

Port Ludlow's representatives to the Washington State Legislature (24th District) are:

Jefferson County is governed by an elected board of three County Commissioners. Port Ludlow is represented by John Austin (District 3).

The Port Ludlow area includes the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort (MPR) plus some of the adjacent areas nicknamed Ludlow North and Ludlow South. The MPR designation is part of a complex land use plan which acknowledges Port Ludlow as an area of urban growth outside any of the designated urban growth areas in Jefferson County. Interesting links available from the county website include:

Port Ludlow is in Jefferson County's Fire District #3. There are three stations in Port Ludlow. See the Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue website for their locations, hours, contact information, a calendar of events, and public advisory messages such as outdoor burning bans.

The Port Ludlow Drainage District resolves any storm water drainage problems within the North Bay area of Port Ludlow. Three commissioners are elected. Their website gives the drainage district boundaries, budget, meeting minutes, current and future projects.

Port Ludlow is part of the Jefferson County School District (49), Chimacum. See schools.

There are several organizations active in the local government of Port Ludlow.

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) , an elected but unofficial body, works to be a unifying force in the Port Ludlow community, to study long range issues, build consensus, and to manage resources which are not otherwise owned or managed by the Ludlow Maintenance Commission, the South Bay Community Association, or other entities. All members of the Port Ludlow MPR are eligible, and encouraged to vote and participate in the PLVC. PLVC activities are regularly featured in the Port Ludlow Voice.

Most of the homeowners that live within the Port Ludlow MPR belong to one of two large homeowners associations: either the Ludlow Maintenance Commission (LMC) or the South Bay Community Association (SBCA) (depending on whether the property is situated on the north or the south side of Port Ludlow Bay). Most of the members of the LMC belong only to the LMC (and a lot owners association which include all members of the LMC); the exceptions are condominium owners. Most of the members of the SBCA also belong to one of several small homeowner associations specific to their housing development. Some of the smaller homeowners associations are not affiliated with either the SBCA or the LMC.

Port Ludlow Associates (PLA), the current name of the primary developer, is still active in the area, building homes and creating new homeowner associations, in addition to operating the Inn, Marina, Golf Course, and other businesses. At this time, a company associated with the developer owns and operates the water & sewage treatment systems, and manages some areas which will remain undeveloped such as the Twins (islands in Port Ludlow Bay).

For an unincorporated area, Port Ludlow is pretty well organized. With the exception of the Port Ludlow Village Council, all of these entities collect either dues or taxes. Almost all the homeowners associations have common property to maintain such as greenbelt areas, roofs, or roads. Most of the roads in Port Ludlow belong to and are maintained by Jefferson County, but not all. All the local entities have By-Laws and Documents of Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (DCCR's) which spell out the homeowner-members rights and responsibilities, and regulate architecture, landscaping, parking, and other similar activities. Copies of these By-Laws and DCCR's are given to all prospective property owners for review before they complete the purchase of their Port Ludlow home.

In addition to the LMC and the SBCC, the homeowner associations in Port Ludlow include the following:

* Admiralty Condominiums I
* Admiralty Condominiums II
* Bayside Village
* Bayview Village
* Edgewood Village
* Fairway Village
* Fairwood Village
* Greenview Village
* Hidden Cove (LPV II)
* Highland Greens
* Inner Harbor Village
* Ludlow Bay Village Townhomes
* Ludlow Beach Tract 1
* Ludlow Cove
* Ludlow Point Village I
* Ludlow Point Village III
* Ludlow Point Village IV
* North Bay Condominiums I
* North Bay Condominums II
* Olympic Terrace
* Osprey Ridge
* Port Ludlow Div. 7
* South Bay I
* South Bay II
* South Bay III
* Timberton
* Teal Lake
* Vitulli Short Plat
* Woodridge

The Port Ludlow Village Council maintains a page on on their website which lists these groups, which "master" homeowner association each group is affiliated with (e.g., LMC, SBCA) , and the total number of homes in that "master" association. The page is titled organized groups in Port Ludlow (it also includes the organized recreation & service groups).

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