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photo of view from the lawn between buildings in the Admiralty condominium complex

photo of trail between Admiralty condominium complex and the Beach Club
photo of some of the buildings in the Admiralty condominium complex, just north of the Beach Club and the marina
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Port Ludlow Demographics

Even though Port Ludlow is not incorporated as a city, US Census information is available from the United States Census Bureau specifically for Port Ludlow because it is a "census-designated place" (CDP). The CDP designation means that the census bureau considers Port Ludlow as an area which physically resembles an incorporated place, such as a city. The boundaries of CDPs may change from one census to the next, so caution must be used when comparing data for Port Ludlow from one census to another.

A fun and interesting website which gives demographic information on Port Ludlow is zipskinny.com. You can also look up other areas and compare areas. This is a commercial site which presents information from the US Census in an easy to read format. Their site contains a disclaimer that the information they present is intended to give you a starting point for exploring an area but is not for serious research; that although they make every attempt to insure that it is accurate, they do not guarantee it. Some highlights are:

  • Education:
    • 93.5% of Port Ludlow residents have completed high school (or higher education);
    • 32.7% of Port Ludlow residents have completed bachelors' degrees (or higher).
  • Marital Status:
    • 73.4% of Port Ludlow residents are married;
    • 10.9% of Port Ludlow residents are divorced;
    • 8% of Port Ludlow residents are widowed;
    • 7.4% of Port Ludlow residents have never been married.
  • Age:
    • about 13% of the population is 19 or under and about 5% of the population is over 80.
    • 22.4% of Port Ludlow residents are from 60-69; 11.5% of those are men and 10.8% of that number are women;
    • 19.1% of Port Ludlow residents are from 50-59; 8.4% of those are men and 10.6% of those are women;
    • the 20-29 year bracket is the smallest age group in Port Ludlow;
    • the median age for a Port Ludlow resident is 57.4
Port Ludlow is an unincorporated area of Jefferson County. More recent data is available at the county level from the State of Washington. In 2006, the population in Jefferson County was estimated at almost 29,000, with about a third of the people located in Port Townsend, the only incorporated city in the county.

For government statistics, see the Jefferson County Profile from the State of Washington 2005 Data Book or the Jefferson County Overview which is also on the State of Washington website.

Wikipedia also has an entry on Port Ludlow: "The population was 1,968 at the 2000 census ... Based on per capita income, one of the more reliable measures of affluence, Port Ludlow ranks 16th of 522 areas in the state of Washington to be ranked. It is also the highest rank achieved in Jefferson County. " from wikipedia.

Even though Jefferson County is the largest county on the Olympic Peninsula in square miles, it is also the least populated. Both Clallam County to the north and Grays Harbor County to the south have twice as many people.

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