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photo of the Bridge Deck outside the Beach Club, a popular gathering place
photo of interior of one of the meeting rooms in the Beach Club
photo of the Grace Christian Center, located in the former Port Ludlow Conference Center
photo of looking over one of the buildings in the Admiralty condominium complex just north of the Beach Club

Port Ludlow Community

Port Ludlow is primarily an active adult community, although there are increasing numbers of younger adults and children, especially in the North Bay area.

There is a strong sense of community in Port Ludlow. Both the Bay Club and the Beach Club have paid staff but the staff operates at the direction of elected volunteer boards. The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) is also a volunteer elected board. Almost all of the homes in Port Ludlow belong to organized homeowners associations, and those are run by elected volunteers.

For many residents, their home in Port Ludlow is a second home. Some of these community members are snowbirds, some simply maintain their home for a recreational getaway, and many maintain their Port Ludlow home as part of retirement planning.

The Port Ludlow community benefits from the myraid activities run by and for residents. Residents can chose to participate in these activities, or not. Some of the local groups are listed below:

Many Port Ludlow residents also volunteer their time with service clubs such as following:

The Port Ludlow Village Council maintains a page with a comprehensive list of the organized groups in Port Ludlow.

Port Ludlow is described as "a Village in the Woods by the Bay", and that is a pretty good description. Port Ludlow is an unincorporated area of Jefferson County which is located in an idyllic location, a pretty good distance from the city.

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